Why does DigitalNote need a Coin (XDN) & a Token (2XDN)?

For Starters…Think of it like this:

XDN = Vault.

2XDN = Utility.

We are creating a complete eco-system built on DigitalNote Blockchain.

What is “XDN Vault”?

Think of this as your own bank, it is everything DeFi, it’s where you hold most of your savings, earn interest, and spend when needed, either directly or by swapping with our Utility Token “2XDN” – in a broader ecosystem. (More on this later)

What can you do in the Vault?

Interest– Earn XDN rewards by Staking in wallet and/or running a MasterNode

Secure the network– DigitalNote MasterNode is built with Dash features (PrivateSend, InstantTX, Messaging) that optionally allow us to Encrypt Messages and send Private transactions. (you would not want someone knowing your bank balance, right)

Payment system– Make a payment on a loan, buy a car, large transactions.

Why 2XDN as a utility and not XDN?

XDN is built around Security and DeFi, and by design, like all other native blockchains, it does not integrate with the broader market leading Ethereum ecosystem.

2XDN Use cases- There is a huge range of use cases possible, to name a few, Dapps, NFTs, payments, easily trade with other crypto, and Fee’s within our Native APP, TrinityFor example (Messenger Advanced features, Swaps, and many other integrations we will be releasing).

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How do I get 2XDN?

SuperBlock staking event – 70 M tokens are going to be issued to people who will be staking XDN on walletMasterNodeor on WhiteBIT at the time of block 300K.

You can find more details here

If you miss out on the SuperBlock event, 2XDN will be available in the following ways:

Atomic Swaps– When you earn XDN by Staking, MasterNode, or Mining, these funds can be swapped for 2XDN.

Buy 2XDN on exchanges- WhiteBitCoinsBitVindaxand UniSwap (more listings to come) XDN available on BittrexWhiteBitHitBTCCatexand Finexbox

Who else is doing it?

What XDN started is very fast becoming a trend. There are many established coins doing it. To name a few: Ternio, NEM, XRP, and Dash.

Will you have an App?

YesTrinity will become the Hub for the DigitalNote eco-system and include both XDN and 2XDN, available on both Android and iOS. (Many exciting features that will be built into this later to be announced)

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