What are the claims being made against McAfee?

There’s a prominent  member of the Verge community who goes by the moniker XVGWhale. This person reportedly bought large amounts of Verge when it was worth little, and is now enjoying the fruits of its growth.

He has become something of the unofficial mouthpiece for Verge and is influential within the community, carrying 60,000+ Twitter followers.

A tweet, which remains at the top of XVGWhale’s, shows him with John McAfee at the latter’s house. Whatever good times were had there reportedly went south. In the below tweet, you can see XVGWhale making the claim that McAfee’s cell phone wasn’t hacked as he claims. XVGWhale argues that John McAfee reversed his support for Verge because the creator failed to pay him a rumored US$1.1 million dollars in Ethereum.

XVGWhale vs McAfee

As proof, he also uploaded a number of images apparently snapped off his phone that depict an alleged convo  between McAfee and XVGWhale. In the image, McAfee lays claim to single-handedly increasing the market cap of Verge by over $2 billion and that he should be rewarded as a result. McAfee then claims he will bury Verge with negative commentary/info if he is not paid the funds he wants.

From then on out, the two continue to negotiate. McAfee drops his fee to $100,000, and XVGWhale offers US$70k. What’s seriously concerning – assuming these are true – is that McAfee talks of getting cash for comments from multiple other cryptocurrencies, and even calls out a US$23 million deal he has/had with sether.io. If true – it shows clear manipulative attempts of the marketplace based on inaccurate info.

Mcafee blackmail-1

Mcafee blackmail-2

John McAfee now denies the claims.

What do the McAfee Verge texts really mean though?

Both parties could have been hacked, in any event. They could be in on it together. It could all however be 100% genuine and authentic.

As neither McAfee nor XVGWhale work for Verge, both could be using their influence to impact the price to their advantage.

It could also effectively be whats known as a bear trap, conceived by these two during their festivities at McAfee’s home.  If nothing else, this little flare-up serves as yet another warning for rookie traders looking to invest in the crypto market. Do your own research and learn to read the market yourselves.

It should be noted that XVGWhale has since taken down his tweet containing the text messages laid out here, but not the one where he is partying at McAfee’s house.



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