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Announcements and Integrations 🎉

Chainlink VRF’s launch is part of the continual expansion of the Chainlink Network as a means of providing various inputs to smart contracts. Learn more about why verifiable randomness is important & what new applications are now possible on-chain.

Healthcare blockchain platform @Solve_Care is collaborating with Chainlink to expand smart contracts’ role in the healthcare industry. Chainlink oracles will source & deliver off-chain medical data required to execute blockchain-based healthcare services.

Blockchain domain provider @unstoppableweb is using Chainlink live on mainnet to allow users to link their Twitter handle to a public Ethereum address as a form of identity verification. To link a Twitter account with an on-chain address, a user creates a tweet that Chainlink oracles retrieve, hash & store on-chain tied to a specific domain. This provides a reputation-based ID, making sending cryptocurrency much safer & simpler.

JavaScript-enabled blockchain @agoric integrates Chainlink on testnet for DeFi price feeds. Having access to Chainlink’s high-quality data & provably secure oracles simplifies smart contract creation for JS devs, the world’s largest developer community.

Crypto-derivatives data provider @GenesisVol is running its own Chainlink node to sell their signed data directly to smart contracts. DeFi now has access to signed data on volatility, open interest, volume & more when creating derivatives products.

IoT data provider @pingiotnetwork will use Chainlink oracles to service numerous blockchain networks. Chainlink opens new use cases for their data like relaying IoT events on-chain, automating supply chain payments, confirming shipping fulfillment & more.

Leading Asia-based public blockchain @PlatOn_Network is integrating Chainlink as its recommended oracle solution. The initial focus is integrating Chainlink’s price feeds so its devs can begin building scalable, universally connected DeFi applications.

We’re thrilled to award a research grant to @wangxiao1254of @NorthwesternU who will be actively collaborating with the Chainlink Labs research team on further improving DECO as a means to unlock all of the world’s data for use within smart contracts.

What’s New for Developers 🛠

We’re continuously launching price feeds for developer teams to increase their access to on-chain data. Integrate our recently released EOS/USD price feed to expand your derivatives offerings outside of ERC20 tokens, already used & sponsored by @synthetix_io.

We’re continuously making more unique data sets available on-chain. Integrate our recently launched sCEX/USD price feed to provide your dApp with reliable price data for a basket of centralized exchange tokens, already used & supported by @synthetix_io.

It’s now even easier for developers to deploy smart contracts that interact with #Chainlink oracles. From the Chainlink docs, you can open example contracts in Remix to quickly deploy and test. Try getting data from the@coingecko API today!

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