The QiSwap LitePaper

Announcing the QiSwap LitePaper

These past two weeks have been huge for QiSwap and the community, they’ve gone from being a long-testnet-run to a live platform with a quickly growing community.

As they continue to move forward, they’ve finished preparing the QiSwap LitePaper, you can take a look at it on this link:

Powerered by Qtum:

QiSwap is a DEX that chose the efficient and powerful Qtum blockchain. With this, they obtain several benefits compared to the exchanges using Ethereum as their backend:

  • Low fees
  • Scalability
  • Secure and stable UTXO model
  • Qtum Neutron future upgrade will provide QiSwap with more powerful tools

With this announcement, they aim to allow people to learn more about QiSwap by reading the LitePaper which also provides a small preview of what will be in the upcoming economics WhitePaper.


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