Tesla’s Cloud System Hijacked, Mines Cryptocurrency

Hackers hijacked Tesla’s cloud system to mine cryptocurrency as a recent report shows.

This event marks yet another case of what is dubbed in the virtual currency realm “cryptojacking.”

What Exactly Is ‘Cryptojacking’?crypto

Cryptojacking is a process where hackers deploy software that exploits a computer’s CPU to mine cryptocurrency.

This month it was revealed that hackers had deployed an altered version of the plugin Browsealoud to a number of government owned websites in the U.S. and the U.K.

This particular version of Browsealoud infected the government sites with Coinhive mining code, which is used to generate units of privacy-focused cryptocurrency monero.

Tesla’s cloud system was basically hijacked by hackers who used it to mine cryptocurrency, according to our sources.

Hackers were able to then infiltrate the Kubernetes admin console due to the fact that it was not password protected, cybersecurity firm RedLock said in a statement on Tuesday.

Kubernetes – for those of you that dont know –  is a Google-created system for the purpose of optimizing cloud apps.

Tesla’s Amazon Web Services account was thus exposed and the hackers deployed crypto mining software known as Stratum to mine crypto-currency using the cloud’s computing power.


Tesla further stated to CBNN that it did not see any initial effect on customer data protection or the security of its cars.

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