In life – and business in particular – we’re frequently told not to believe the hype. But this saying doesn’t always ring true when it comes to emerging technologies.   For new technology to reach the mainstream it really needs momentum, and this often comes in the form of a hype cycle.Read More →


While XRP is slowly shifting its focus to offering its products to cryptocurrency exchanges, Stellar too doesn’t stand far behind. In fact, Stellar has gone a step ahead and has launched a complete new decentralized exchange on its own blockchain, called the StellarX. Enter StellarX: World’s first zero-fee DEX withRead More →


Devs are constantly challenged to stay ahead of the game particularly when it comes to protecting security. What’s your prediction for the next big idea in encryption tech we asked our panelists? The eleven best answers are below:   1. Hardware-based whole disk Encryption Hardware-based disk encryption will continue to grow andRead More →