Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex is delisting eight coins: PotCoin (POT), VeriCoin (VRC) andBitcoinPlus (XBC) BitcoinDark (BTCD), Bitmark (BTM),Einsteinium , (EMC2), Gridcoin (GRC), NeosCoin (NEOS), . The announcement was made today, September 20th, 2018. The coins will be delisted on September 25, 2018, and the exchange says that traders have thirty days to close out trades and withdraw the balances from their accounts. Poloniex says the move is part of aRead More →


As part of an ongoing effort to protect cryptocurrency investors as well as bring better transparency into how cryptocurrency exchanges operate, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sent letters to thirteen digital currency exchanges requesting they disclose important info about their operations. “With cryptocurrency popularity on the rise, theRead More →