Ransomware is soooo 2017. The popularity of cryptojacking malware ebbs and flows depending on the price of the currencies they mine. Even DDoS attacks are flat after a memcache-based spike up earlier this year. A new report from Malwarebytes said the last few months have been a “slow quarter” due to aRead More →


A department of the United States State Department dedicated to diplomatic security has reportedly acquired a fifteen thousand dollar device its manufacturers claim as being able to break iPhone encryption in anywhere from three hours to three days. Public federal procurement docs show that the State Department’s Bureau of DiplomaticRead More →

mac malware

Cryptocurrency miners are most often aimed at Windows and browser users, but apparently no one is safe: neither Linux users, nor Mac users, even though cryptocurrency-mining malware targeting Mac machines is still a relatively rare occurrence. The first instance of such a malware was spotted back in 2011, when theRead More →