Yosemite X, a blockchain technology company, has announced the release of its open source public blockchain that operates without a native cryptocurrency, giving developers and businesses the ability to build solutions and reduce costs, without the price volatility of crypto. This approach enables companies to reap the benefits of blockchain –Read More →

Binance will be holding initial coin offerings (ICOs) on the firm’s token sale platform Launchpad nearly every month in 2019. TRON’s BitTorrent and are two of the ICOs slated to be offered in 2019. Launchpad is Binance’s attempt to legitimize the cryptocurrency-based ICO method, which has had a checkered historyRead More →


Over the course of 2018, failing initial coin offerings that raised billions in 2017 have continued to dominate the news cycle. Despite ethereum losing more than two thirds of its value, ICO projects have been liquidating massive amounts of ETH. ICO treasuries cashed out 433,000 ETH ($57.4M) in December, surpassingRead More →


Increasingly determined separatists seeking the international recognition of the self-proclaimed “Federal Republic of Ambazonia” (Southern Cameroons) have created a cryptocurrency which they claim is the first to be fully nation-backed. Known as AmbaCoin, 20,089 of the Ambazonian crypto bond had already been bought, out of 100,000,000 on pre-sale as of Nov.Read More →