Several major U.S. newspapers reported they were victims of production-disrupting cyber attacks on or around the holidays. On December 29, the LA Times noted that an unknown actor used what experts believe to be Ryuk ransomware to infect systems needed to publish the newspaper, including computers that store the newsRead More →


To maximize their profits hackers are leveraging the computer power of as many devices as they possibly can. However, they must find ways to deliver the malicious crypto-miners on a large enough scale for it to be profitable. While the infamous Wannacry ransomware was publicized for taking advantage of theRead More →

Ransomware grew some three hundred percent last year in comparison with 2016 and in the current year such attacks are set to become even more malicious, according to a Quick Heal report on Monday.  Ransomware, cryptocurrency mining as well as zero-day exploits headlined the threat landscape last year, said the global ITRead More →