Gemini USDG is a new centralized stablecoin (it’s similar to Tether) implemented as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The current implementation gives Gemini the ability to freeze any account or make all tokens non-transferrable. The custodian is able to completely change the implementation of the token every 48Read More →


Myetherwallet the web’s most popular client-side ethereum wallet, has been compromised in a DNS attack. Numerous users are reporting missing funds and Mycrypto, a sister site which spun off from Myetherwallet earlier this year, has confirmed as much. The incident highlights the dangers of relying on a centralized interface, evenRead More →

0x Protocol

Roadmap and the role of the ZRX token 0x protocol’s pipeline of smart contracts accommodate upgrades with out disruption to markets. ZRX as a fee token enhances governance by ensuring the token distribution converges on a representative sample of protocol stakeholders. 0x protocol’s transition to community governance will happen in phases that shiftRead More →