Ransomware grew some three hundred percent last year in comparison with 2016 and in the current year such attacks are set to become even more malicious, according to a Quick Heal report on Monday.  Ransomware, cryptocurrency mining as well as zero-day exploits headlined the threat landscape last year, said the global ITRead More →


Hackers hijacked Tesla’s cloud system to mine cryptocurrency as a recent report shows. This event marks yet another case of what is dubbed in the virtual currency realm “cryptojacking.” What Exactly Is ‘Cryptojacking’? Cryptojacking is a process where hackers deploy software that exploits a computer’s CPU to mine cryptocurrency. ThisRead More →


A Burpsuite plugin (BApp) to aid in the detection of scripts being loaded from over 3,200 malicious cryptocurrency mining domains (aka cryptojacking). Minesweeper will passively scan in-scope items looking for matches against more than three thousand known cryptojacking domains within the source of pages. Once discovered, an alert similar toRead More →

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For those who are participants in crypto-currency mining, there are a number of issues to be concerned with.   One such problem is how a countries national government feels about cryptocurrencies, such as either accepting it or banning it. Another concern is having access to all the power necessary forRead More →