How much computing power as well as money is required to carry out a 51% attack on a blockchain like that of Litecoin which uses PoW as its protocol? Blockchains using the PoW consent protocol (Proof of Work) use the computing power of machines to secure data and the network that hasRead More →


While reports suggest that Iran’s economy is far from a crash, they still cannot be called an economically stable nation. However officials did not clarify the intent, they announced that Iran will soon be launching its own gold-backed cryptocurrency. Countries with weak and crumbling economies seem to be able toRead More →


Ripple, one of the biggest crypto companies in the world, has unlocked the XRP token worth about $390 million from escrow. This makes the funds available for the company to sell to cryptocurrency exchanges as well as institutional participants. Ripple typically sells a relatively small portion of the XRP that’s unlocked and returns theRead More →


‘Firm size’ addresses (1,000–10,000 BTC) are accumulating bitcoin. As bitcoin reaches prices last seen in August 2018, the number of ‘firm size’ addresses (1,000–10,000 BTC) has been on a rise, Diar writes. In total, as much as 450,000 BTC have been accumulated by ‘firm size’ addresses in under nine months. RetailRead More →