Spammers are sending a wave of threats to businesses, schools, and other locations in English-speaking countries across the world, demanding bitcoin in exchange for not detonating a supposed bomb. There’s no evidence of any actual explosives being placed or detonated, but it’s causing numerous evacuations and law enforcement investigations acrossRead More →


One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platform has had a great week, as positive news floods in regarding the platform’s expansive development plans. Coinbase’s Custody Service Secures The Business Of A $30 Billion Hedge Fund Institutional investment seems to be all the rage in cryptocurrency circles, with many citing thisRead More →


February and March have proven to be fairly active in terms of news in the cryptocurrency space. Here are the nine articles from us with the interesting headlines you may have missed:  1. 7 Benefits of Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency: 2. The Psychology of Ransomware: 3. Eclipse Attacks on theRead More →