With ransomware attacks up 200% in the last two years, CryptoBuzz looks at some of the methods bad actors are employing and how to avoid them. The last two years have witnessed a real uptick in crypto-centric ransomware attacks. Not only are bad actors becoming more refined, but they areRead More →


Tether, the stablecoin with the industry’s largest market cap and volume, has had its fair share of controversies this year. However, despite these concerns and the regulatory hurdles Tether is facing right now, countries like China are recording huge crypto-activity. Over-the-counter(OTC) trading in China has significantly surged over the last fewRead More →


The United States government has spent USD 5.7 million with blockchain analytics firms so far in 2018 and this spending is accelerating, according to a report by digital currency publication Diar. Blockchain analytics firms are paid to conduct blockchain espionage, for criminal prosecution, taxes, and to ensure cryptocurrency regulations are beingRead More →