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The French National Council of Clerks of Commercial Courts (NCC) has announced the integration of IBM‘s distributed ledger technology (DLT) solution into its operations in a bid to streamline the management of commercial and corporate registry, according to a press release published March 16, 2019. French Courts Join the Blockchain Movement:Read More →


VISA Inc., an American multinational financial services corporation is secretly building a new team that will likely be dedicated to the crypto ecosystem. According to its new hiring announcement for a technical product manager, VISA is building and strengthening a ‘VISA Crypto Team’ by hiring staff equipped with cryptocurrency knowledge.Read More →


Data protection involves different elements of life. Some examples include credit cards, bank accounts, ID cards, passports, and social media accounts. Unfortunately, the last several years have revealed that many institutions simply don’t have the capability to protect our valuable information from nefarious agents.  While financial and identity information is very valuable, itRead More →


Blockchain technology company Symbiont Inc recently got $20 million from a series B funding round. Nasdaq Ventures led the round and is one of Nasdaq’s biggest moves towards the cryptocurrency market yet. Having led the rounds of the founding of the 2015 startup Symbiont, Nasdaq is joined by Raptor Group, Galaxy Digital,Read More →