An experimental form of Android malware, which was first considered to be an updated version of Lokibot, is known to convey a banking Trojan, a keylogger and ransomware to those most likely to succumb to it. It is said to contain a couple of new features that have the specialistsRead More →


Security researchers have recently been warning about an ongoing malware campaign hijacking routers to distribute Android banking malware that steals users’ sensitive info, login credentials and the secret codes for two-factor authentication (2FA). To trick victims into installing the Android malware called Roaming Mantis, hackers have been hijacking DNS settings onRead More →


To maximize their profits hackers are leveraging the computer power of as many devices as they possibly can. However, they must find ways to deliver the malicious crypto-miners on a large enough scale for it to be profitable. While the infamous Wannacry ransomware was publicized for taking advantage of theRead More →