SparkleSwap – The Trio Rewarding DEX

The decentralized finance concept (DeFi) further enforces non-custodial services – user-owned cryptocurrency wallets and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). Even though DEXes has been with us for quite some time now, earlier versions came with a poor user interface and a cumbersome dashboard that made the user experience uncomfortable.

After careful consideration, Sparkle Loyalty’s team decided to implement the Atomic Swap Technology to develop SparkleSwap. The team thought it wise to initially leverage on the already established market and security of Uniswap and later build their own platform with amazing features for their users.

What is SparkleSwap:

SparkleSwap is a next-generation yield earning platform that rewards its users in a three-fold-system. Their smart contract is currently routed through Uniswap V2. Hence all trades that are executed on the platform currently go through Uniswap. Security is of a huge concern considering all the smart contract exploits that have occurred ever since the DeFi era kicked into motion. Because of this, routing through Uniswap, one of the most audited smart contracts that have stood the test of time, was prudent enough to ensure users’ safety and avoid trading on a platform with poorly spread orders liquidity that would bring about high slippage.

This piggyback of Uniswap allows SparkleSwap users to receive, in most cases, more or less the number of tokens they were expecting.

Grow and Compound your Yield on SparkleSwap:

The team behind the Sparkle Ecosystem dedicated continuous effort towards this course. In a few days, they could successfully launch SparkleSwap’s Liquidity Staking pools after going live.

To boost activities and still give its users various opportunities to earn handsomely, they have developed about nine liquidity pools. Most of them are paired with their Sparkle Token, and one is paired with their SparkleSwap Rewards Token. Take a peek at all the farming opportunities made available on the platform.

The benefits users receive while trading on SparkleSwap:

Trading on SparkleSwap comes with a very self-explanatory Graphic User Interface that comes with so much ease, even for crypto starters. Liquidity pools from Uniswap and the few ones that have been made available with Sparkle Token pairs can all be accessed through this platform.

In the nearest future, SparkleSwap is going to be your all in one yield earning platform that rewards you additionally with its very low supply SparkleSwap Rewards Token. The team has put in place trading incentives that will reward users for providing liquidity and trading.


The Trio Rewarding System on SparkleSwap:

  • Firstly, one still stands a chance to earn from the usual Uniswap trading fee of 0.3%, depending on the weight of liquidity provided.
  • Secondly, all but one of the farming pools of SPRKL has been allocated an amount of 1M SPRKL to be earned. On average, about 8333.33 tokens will be minted at a rate of 1.278 token per block. The other farming pool of SparkleSwap Rewards Token has been allocated 60 per week of the very low supply token.
  • Thirdly, the team is developing a unique smart contract that would reward users for trading on the swap platform. This is quite similar to the monotonous system of charging a tax rate on some DeFi projects and rewarding stakers and holders with it. 1% of the total trade will be rewarded in SparkleSwap Rewards Token.

The interesting thing about this last part of the reward system is the limited token supply. The SparkleSwap Rewards Token will have a maximum supply of 20,000 ever, and 8000 of these have been allocated to be distributed to users through various activities, including trading rewards on SparkleSwap.

SparkleSwap Rewards Token has already increased about x20 since its initial launch. Holders of this token as of the 23rd of December can increase their share of this low supply token by staking. The developers are well known and have locked the liquidity in this pool hence zero chances of rug pull. Tokenomics are the backbone of blockchain initiated solutions, and SparkleSwap Rewards Token has a strong one looking at all the fundamentals that the team has put in place.

The final way, SPRKL hodlers are earning rewards through our Proof of Loyalty at, where users can earn 15%-30% APR just for staking their SPRKL coins in their wallet using the POL (Proof of loyalty) rewards system. No staking software, no fancy computer needed, and no sending your coins to another person or place. Enroll in POL and claim rewards daily.

Many users are doing the SPRKL LP staking earning big rewards at SparkleSwap. When that finishes in just over 100 days, they will roll over into the Sparkle Proof Of Loyalty to compound even more rewards once the LP pool rewards are done.

In summary:

Do good research about DeFi projects with no ICO, even distribution of tokens, and a utility to drive token value, and you might appreciate their concept. Their over three years of experience and working products have equipped them to write secured smart contracts according to the team. Their hardworking efforts can be seen in the products they have delivered so far, and they have an image to protect. This project is still in its early phase considering the launch time, and the team is poised to deliver its roadmap.

Here’s the SparkleSwap Rewards Token address: 0xa3a7cba479df86c7f866280b90ebc3b25f2371f0.

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