Ripple Payment: Where Can I Spend XRP?

Ripple is a cryptocurrency and a payment network which facilitates open and distributed payments with said currency.

The San Francisco-based company has attracted an ample list of partners and merchants in cryptorecent months, its native currency has even succeeded in becoming the number two cryptocurrency in terms of market cap.

Currently, XRP has a market cap of $14,517,407,986, and currently trading at a price of $0.365870.

In our article for today, we shall be looking at where can you spend Ripple.

Why choose Ripple as payment?

Even though Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be created and used as a payment option of online stores, Ripple offers a convenient alternative to the coin.

Why, you may ask? The first reason would be transaction processing times; XRP has a transaction time of fewer than ten seconds with a standard fee of 0.00001 XRP being applied.

Even if Ripple’s price were to situate itself in the $10 range, the fee would still be extremely low, 1/100th a penny per transaction.

Low fees paired with lightning fast speed of transactions are a few of the advantages that XRP has over BTC.

Ripple also addresses another issue of BTC: that of volatility. If the coin supply is higher, then that would lead to a much lower price for each coin.

In comparison to BTC’s total of 21 million, XRP has a max supply of 100 billion. While this means lower prices for XRP, it also ensures lower volatility for a longer period of time.

Even though the prices for XRP and other crypto’s will rise at some point due to a new influx of investors in the market, when price stability is reached, the large coin supply of Ripple will generate lower volatility rates. 100 billion coins is a large amount to move in a market.

However, Ripple can still be affected by price changes or early-investors owning a majority part of the currency, but its large supply lessens the impacts on individual transactions.

The pace at which XRP experienced growths or drops has been relatively steady in comparison to the usual fluctuations most cryptocurrencies have seen.

Stores that support purchases with Ripple:

XRP is the latest addition in Bitcoin Superstore’s list of cryptocurrency payment options, thus enabling users to makes purchases with the coin on online stores such as AmazonGoogle ExpresseBay, and others.

Bitcoin Superstore’s other supported crypto’s are: Bitcoin, Bitcoin CashLitecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and its latest additions is the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency, XRP.

XRP now enables users to buy products and services from over 200,000 online shops and merchants. A variety of gift cards that range from $25 to $500 in value can also be purchased on various sites.

These gift cards can be bought from established e-commerce brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, Visa, Nike, and Walmart. The retailers of eGift cards are also available for purchase form J.Crew, Forever 21, American Eagle Outfitters, among others.

To make such purchases, the buyer has to introduce the product’s name, URL of the site, listed price as well as the costs which are incurred by shipping. Then he or she will have to choose which payment method he/she will be using to pay for the products with (fiat or cryptocurrency), as well as checkout details.

Other merchants which accept payments through XRP include CoinHostTorguardThe Bitcoin StorePexPeppers, Bitfax, Upvotes Club, as well as several tobacco and e-cigs shops which make use of CoinPayments in order to accept XRP. is a payment processor which allows merchants and online stores to accept over sixty cryptocurrencies aside from XRP for their products.

Below is a list with other stores that accept XRP:


  • CryptoMercado – Organic Coffee, Snacks & Beverages
  • DrApis Honey – Raw Honey
  • Seasonal Diabetes – Halloween Candy Mixes
  • Mojave Café
  • Crypto Coffee


  • Cryptos Dice
  • GameServers Today
  • Health & Beauty
  • ThaiBam – Thai Coffee, Tea, Olis and Balms
  • HempUSA – Hemp produces

Hosting & VPNs:

  • CoinHost – Domains, Hosting, Cloud VPS

  • Earth VPN – Anonymous, hosted in Japan
  • TorGuard VPN – Anonymous VPN & Anonymous Email
  • SNEL – Dedicated and VPS hosting services with a focus on great customer experience.
  • XWebHosting
  • ICPH – InstantCPanelHosting
  • Boleh VPN
  • VPS City Hosting


  • The Bitcoin Store – – Buy Bitcoin hardware wallets and stuff
  • Crypto Jeweler – Gold, Silver, Diamond Jewelry
  • Hostspicy Web Solutions Services
  • Marketplace – Electronics, Computers, Motherboards, Video Cards, Perfume & more

Online Services:

  • BitFax – Best Online Fax Service
  • Selly – E-commerce marketplace for selling and automating digital products

Gift Cards:

  • BookCoin – Amazon and other Gift Cards, Kindle Digital Ebook Orders
  • Ecoin2GiftCards – XRP Coinpayment shop for eGiftcard
  • Cryfter

SEO / Marketing:

  • Upvotes Club – Reddit upvotes
  • Fauceting
  • Social Trades
  • The Marketing Heaven


  • Venus Vaporizer
  • VapoShop
  • Vapour Depot
  • Clove Cigarettes US
  • Azarius – Alternative Smoking Herbs
  • RChemLabs – Etizolam Pellets


  • Trebaltek


  • SpendACoin – Buy and Sell almost anything with Ripple!
  • – Fine, designer jewelry, fashion jewelry, and watches
  • XRP Merchandise – XRP merchandise
  • Triton Aquariums
  • CryptoPet – Pet Apparel and Accessories Shop
  • Frank and Beans Underwear

Is it safe to pay with Ripple?

One of the biggest financial institutions and hedge funds have entered in partnerships with Ripple, and have started testing and/or using Ripple technology to improve their remittance and transfer services.

By providing fast transaction times without high fees, Ripple offers its coin as a solution which is being backed by a long list of financial institutions and banks. If one of the most established names and businesses in the financial sector have enough faith to use Ripple and its products, then we can assume that XRP is a safe payment option.


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