Security researchers have recently been warning about an ongoing malware campaign hijacking routers to distribute Android banking malware that steals users’ sensitive info, login credentials and the secret codes for two-factor authentication (2FA). To trick victims into installing the Android malware called Roaming Mantis, hackers have been hijacking DNS settings onRead More →


It may surprise you to know that ransomware uses geolocation tech to now customize payloads and then target individuals.  Geolocation – for those that don’t know – obtains an approximate location of a connection by referencing a devices IP address against several databases. Those databases are maintained by Internet Service Providers as wellRead More →


As part of an ongoing effort to protect cryptocurrency investors as well as bring better transparency into how cryptocurrency exchanges operate, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sent letters to thirteen digital currency exchanges requesting they disclose important info about their operations. “With cryptocurrency popularity on the rise, theRead More →