Ontology Price Resumes Bullish Trend

Ontology Price Momentum Resumes Without Problems.

When it comes to the different and numerous altcoin markets accessible today, they usually tend to follow Bitcoin’s cryptomomentum for better or worse.

As Bitcoin is still in a somewhat bullish phase since surpassing $4,000, it is all the more logical to see the top altcoins move up in similar fashion. Ontology, a recent entrant in the market cap top twenty, has successfully maintained its position in recent weeks, Today, the altcoin seems poised to move up the ladder.

Over the past few weeks, there has been an interesting Ontology price increase. With a 9.7% increase in USD value, one ONT is now priced at $1.17.

There is also a 8.4% gain on Bitcoin, pushing that value to 26,673 Satoshi.

Both trends are very promising at this time, and they can seemingly be sustained with the current trading volume. That in itself can be interpreted as a bullish signal by some hopefuls.

Speaking of trading volume, Ontology notes just over $59.1m in trades today. Most of that volume comes from Bit-Z, Huobi Global, and Binance. The first two pairs are linked to USDT, whereas Binance’s BTC market is delivering the goods.

Interestingly enough, Ontology has four other USDT pairs in the top seven, which is rather unusual for altcoins.

The sentiment on social media seems to be rather indecisive. Posty, for example, is cautious despite the promising upward momentum.

It is certainly true this market can either break out or pull back in quick succession. Chasing the top is not necessarily a valid strategy where altcoins are concerned, and it seems some people are finally getting that message.


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