Ontology: Microsoft & Amazon Cloud Marketplaces

Ontology’s blockchain development product, the ONT_Dev_Platform launched on the Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Marketplaces. Google expects to add the platform to their software store in January 2019.

This marks a huge step forward for Ontology and the adoption of blockchain technology. Users everywhere can cryptoaccess the ONT_Dev_Platform for free and deploy it with just one click.

However, the price of Ontology (ONT) did not react positively to this news. The price of ONT fell from its high of $0.82 on Christmas eve to its current price of $0.59 at the time of writing. Though trading volume has increased, the price continues to fall and has yet to show signs of stopping.

The China Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), a public blockchain ranking index, recently ranked Ontology as fourth on the list, with a composite index of 113.6.

What is ONT_Dev_Platform?

The ONT_Dev_Platform is an Ontology blockchain dapp product built on a cloud service that allows users to build and test dapps and smart contracts.

The service includes:

  • An Ontology test mode which is a stand-alone test environment for dapp development.
  • A one-stop IDE called SmartX, used to compile, deploy, and invoke smart contracts.
  • An Ontology Block Explorer which synchronizes local Ontology blockchain info so that users you can see the block height, transactions, and much more.

The ONT_Dev_Platform is free to use but users must pay for Amazon’s or Microsoft’s online virtual tools which range in price and depend on RAM space, core count, and more.


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