A 9-step recipe to crack a NTLMv2 Hash

  1. Open your .pcap that contains an NTLMv2 hash in Wireshark.
  2. Filter by ntlmssp to get the authentication handshake.
artisanal smb2 authentication packets

3. In this case, we get three packets. Find the NTLMSSP_AUTH packet. Filter the packet down to the Security Blob layer to get to the juicy good stuff:

the goods

4. Copy out the domain name and user name to a text document.

5. Drill down into the NTLM Response section to find NTProofStr and NTLMv2 response. Copy both of these out to the text document as a Hex String.

cross the streams

6. Notice that NTLMv2Response begins with the ntlmProofStr, so delete the ntlmProofStr from the NTLMv2Response.

7. Enter ntlmssp.ntlmserverchallenge into the search filter. This will highlight the packet where the NTLM Server Challenge is found, generally the packet before the NTLM_Auth packet. Copy this value to the text document as a Hex String.

8. Put the values into the following format and save it as crackme.txt:


9. Find your favorite password list (RockYou? best_1000_passwords2018.txt?) and open a terminal to use hashcat to run:

hashcat -m 5600 crackme.txt passwordlist.txt

and it will give you the user’s password!

congrats on the hax!CBNN

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