IvyKoin: How Does It Work


ivyKoin™ is building a blockchain based cryptocurrency for business transactions, particularly those exceeding $10,000 which require extensive verification in the international monetary system.

ivyKoin™ will embed far more Know Your Transaction (”KYT”) and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) information into payments than incumbent payment networks.

Advantages of ivyKoin™ Network over traditional payment networks

  • Securely facilitate the transfer of cryptocurrency payments while associating KYC and KYT data via the trusted, distributed ivyKoin network
  • Securely store an immutable reference to supporting transaction data in a public blockchain
  • Embed more KYT & KYC information into the transfer than traditional payment methods
  • Able to be integrated into existing banking software
  • Offer easy integration into accounting software for bookkeeping efficiency
  • Provide revocable access to KYC/KYT data to financial institutions, accountants, company managers and others, depending on the information they require

Click here to visit the ivyKoin chat and find out more.

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