Stolen Facebook Accounts Sold on Dark Web for BTC

Stolen Facebook Accounts Sold on Dark Web for BTC

The dark web is a treasure trove of stolen info. Popular data being sold includes credit cards, social media accounts, and so forth…

A fresh batch of stolen Facebook credentials hit the dark web days after the social network made the breach public. As is typically the case, Bitcoin (and Bitcoin Cash) payments are accepted and even preferred.

The Facebook Data Breach:

Last week, Facebook admitted that user accounts were compromised. A total of fifty million accounts have been obtained through the hack and it now appears that this stolen info is showing up for sale on the dark web. Such cryptolistings always need to be taken with a grain of salt, as their authenticity cannot be verified without making a purchase. Sources at The Independent, however, seem convinced this is the real deal

Criminals will not get rich by selling this info. Accounts are selling for between $3 and $19 or less at this time of writing. That shows how little value such personal info. Especially when it is sold in large batches, which is a rather common practice on the dark web.

As has become common, buying this info requires a cryptocurrency transaction. Vendors are keen to accept Bitcoin, although Bitcoin Cash is also becoming more common. This is a remarkable choice, considering both cryptocurrencies lack true privacy and anonymity. One would expect Monero to be the preferred payment, but that is not the case.

Who Exactly Buys the Info?

Having access to fifty million Facebook accounts can be quite profitable. Even at the lowest price of three dollars, the batch nets criminals a $150M payday. Finding a buyer or multiple interested parties is not an easy feat, however. The hacked accounts have been identified by the social media giant. Any suspicious activity can lead to the accounts being shut down in rather quick succession.

Despite the potential account closure risks, someone will try to use this data for personal gain. This also means that more data breaches can be expected in the future. Social media networks contain a lot more personal info than users are even aware of. Credentials give access to other details, photos, and so forth. It is impossible to tell how this information will be used exactly.

Money Guru, a UK firm, recently explained the risks of having a social media account compromised. They are confident it is one of the best ways to gain more insight into someone’s personal life. It is very possible the stolen info is sold to specialized companies or even governments. Data is the most valuable commodity in the world. Social media platforms have made the harvesting of such details a whole lot easier.


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