Ethereum Classic (ETC) Launches Its Own Software Development Kit to Facilitate Decentralized Applications

Ethereum Classic, one of the pioneer blockchain networks in the cryptocurrency industry has launched its own Software Development Kit (SDK). This is in a bid to scale its services within the cryptocurrency markets; devs will now be able to use the ETC platform to build their own Dapps.

Given the success Ethereum has had, one would think it was the initial project and Ethereum Classic was a later fork.

Surprisingly, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the pioneer project from which Ethereum was forked but turned out to be cryptomore attractive with the ‘smart contracts’ technology.

However, Ethereum Classic seems to be slowly catching up with the Ethereum project after it released ‘Emerald Software Development Kit’. Further, Ethereum’s market performance since the cryptocurrency market downturn in August has been highly bearish slashing the virtual asset’s value by almost half.

The Emerald SDK is available on the ETC developers’ team with guidelines on how to start using the feature for Dapps creation. This is not to mean that the ETC network guarantees full business continuity. Warnings within the policy of the Ethereum Classic Software Development Kit feature show the virtual asset is just as volatile hence uncertain like peer cryptocurrencies.

Today, the Ethereum Classic blockchain platform handles over 40,000 transactions within a day. This is roughly ten times less what the Ethereum blockchain handles while the Decentralized apps on ETH can scale only up to a few hundreds. Ethereum Classic might as well face the challenge of running both the network and built DApps to the expected efficiency of crypto coins just like its counterpart.

One major difference between the Ethereum Classic & Ethereum projects is their long-term coin mining prospects. Ethereum plans to gradually stop the mining of its coin while the ETC project will retain the mining aspect of its virtual assets. The most recent news about Ethereum Classic has been a mix of topics revolving around ASIC mining & security.

Expectations on the ETC project are yet to be met; the altcoin’s hashrate has been stagnating at a low of 16 TH/s. This is way more inefficient compared with its Ethereum counterpart that has a ten times faster hashrate. In addition, ASIC machines like the Ethash are yet to cause a significant impact on the Ethereum Classic price action.

Ethereum Classic has yet to react positively from this news given its still at the lows of $10 having lost seven percent in the past week.

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