Will Ethereum Classic (ETC) Dominate IoT ?

Early cryptocurrency adopters might have gotten the whole idea of virtual coins all wrong.

Many investors today see only the face value of the coin rather than the technology underlying the assets they invest in. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is about to change this perception in IoT and possibly spark the fourth industrial revolution.

If you are in cryptocurrency for short term gains, ETC might not be your cup of tea. This is a system that focuses on the future of tech and not a get rich quick scheme. Eight years ago, investors cared less about decentralization and record permanence in the blockchain industry but this is the in-thing and future gains comes second.

Ethereum Classic Simplicity in the Cryptocurrency Verse Jungle

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) fork from Ethereum was the quest to have a fully decentralized outfit that will take the Satoshi  Ethereum ClassicNakamoto dream to the next level. Letting the community take control of the network has propelled the ecosystem to its current growth. Centralized platforms are not a bad thing for the short term gains but for the long term, decentralized ones thrive and that is why Ethereum Classic’s popularity is on the rise.

Ethereum Classic has remained steadfast in maintaining the immutability and decentralization principles.  The platform remains the best data handler with foil proof systems that cannot be corrupted or manipulated and a possibility of fork, at least for now, it not possible.

The current increased adoption is a big catalyst in moving the blockchain towards attaining leadership in the IoT sector. By getting the tech right the first time, ETC has no issues with scalability, slow speeds and high transaction charges and these are typically the qualities of IoT.

Ethereum Classic Strategic Partnerships

Ethereum Classic partnerships are well thought and fit into their route to market as well as the support function. In June, the platform partnered with Zeniex headquartered in South Korea, a respected player in the financial and security industry. Ethereum Classic will benefit from Zeniex expertise in matters securing their network and getting a foothold of emerging markets, particularly in Asia, through the partnership.

The ETC stability has also seen the onboarding of CoinPayment, a payment processor that is poised to increase the coin visibility and usability. The payment gateway supports over four hundred digital assets and ETC will gain more trading exposure. This relationship has seen increased adoption in the last three months and with the taking the recovery route, this should add value to the coin.

He listing of ETC on Coinbase is also another boost given that ETC is among the lowly price coins in the exchange. This is a cryptocurrency entry point price that will see ETC gain inroads into the American market and beyond. Once the market reversal holds, the coin is definitely going to be among the top beneficiaries.

Ethereum Classic Price Check

The future Ethereum Classic (ETC) compatibility with IoT system, according to their roadmap is expected to come by November 30 and the coin has been on the waiting list of many reputable investors and the current mood among the community members ecstatic and this could spike a stable breakout for the coin before end of November.

During the 34-hour trading session, ETC coin gained 2.09% to the dollar and lost 1.08% to Bitcoin to trade at $12.86 which is still low compared to the spike it got from the Coinbase listing hype.

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