DrayTek routers at risk of DNS hijacking attack

Router manufacturer DrayTek has issued a warning recently that several of its wireless routers are at risk of exploitation by hackers, after a vulnerability was found that could let an attacker remotely change the devices’ DNS and DHCP settings.

What that means is that a criminal could redirect web traffic via a rogue DNS server under their control to bogus websites, replace adverts on legitimate sites, or even block your access to security updates.

DNS hijacking attacks are insidious, partly because a hacker might only *occasionally* direct you to a rogue site, meaning that your web browsing works normally for most of the time and reducing the chances of raising suspicion.

DrayTek customers would be wise to not only update their firmware, but also check their router’s DNS settings straight away.

The manufacturer advises that an indicator that your router may have been compromised is if its DNS settings have been configured to use a known rogue DNS server at

Instead your DNS settings should be either blank, set to the DNS server addresses from your ISP, or a well-known DNS server such as the one run by Google at


There is more good advice in DrayTek’s security advisory, including the recommendation to change your passwords on any sites that you may have logged into recently, in case the attackers managed to phish your credentials through the DNS hijacking.

Security researcher Kevin Beaumont tweeted that in a search via Shodan he found 790,483 impacted DrayTek routers, with the largest proportion being located in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Thankfully, patches are now being rolled out by DrayTek, and customers would be wise to install firmware updates for the following affected devices:

  • Vigor 2760 Series
  • Vigor 2762 Series
  • Vigor 2830db
  • Vigor 2830nv2
  • Vigor 2830sb
  • Vigor 2832 Series
  • Vigor 2850 Series
  • Vigor 2860 Series
  • Vigor 2862 Series
  • Vigor 2920 Series
  • Vigor 2925 Series
  • Vigor 2926 Series
  • Vigor 2952
  • Vigor 3200 Series
  • Vigor 3220
  • VigorBX 2000

DrayTek devices that are unaffected by the exploit are its VigorAP wireless access points, VigorSwitch network switches, and the following Vigor routers: 2950, 2955, 2960, 3900, and 3300.

DrayTek says that it advises customers to always use the latest firmware to ensure they have the latest features and “vital security improvements”, regardless of whether you are using one of the vulnerable routers or not.

The company goes on to remind users that “critical updates should be deployed immediately”.

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