Deerfi — Maximize Uniswap LP Token Holders APY without Yield Farming

Why Deerfi

Have you been providing liquidity on Uniswap and other DEXs?

For those LP tokens without incentivized yield farming, are you simply letting them sit in your wallet?

What if you can collateralize them to borrow more assets, either to provide more liquidity or use them elsewhere?

Deerfi offers a new DEFI lego to support LP token holders, wherein users can now deposit Uniswap Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens as collateral for loans on Deerfi.

For example, users can deposit USDC-USDT Uniswap LP tokens into Deerfi as a means of borrowing more USDC and USDT to provide extra liquidity on Uniswap. As long as Uniswap’s liquidity earning rate is higher than the borrowing interest on Deerfi, users can receive more income than before.

Deerfi Lending protocol aims to help the Uniswap ecosystem and other DEFI platforms to create a flourishing money market in a fully trustless and decentralized way.


On the protocol level, Deerfi is a Compound fork powered by ChainLink oracle. Certik has recently completed a security audit of Deerfi. The full audit report provided by Certik can be accessed here:

Governance and Liquidity Mining

Decentralization is the ultimate goal of Deerfi. We use a two-phased governance model. In the current phase, we use a 2-day TimeLock contract to manage all Deerfi protocol contracts.

In the second phrase, Deerfi governance and liquidity mining will be up and running when there are enough users and liquidity in the money market. This model guarantees our community forms a consensus about the value of our lending protocol and fairness of token distribution.







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