Bitmex and Shill? 25 CryptoCurrency Pickup Lines

Bitmex and Shill? 25 CryptoCurrency Pickup Lines

The life of a cryptocurrency enthusiast is a tough and often times lonely one.

We’ve all been there, all alone, staring at charts for the 12th straight hour, only to slink away to our beds with only our bags to keep us warm at night, longing for human contact.

What? That’s just me? Oh.

Well fine then! But maybe at your next local blockchain meet up you need a couple snazzy one liners to break the ice. Maybe you’re attending Consensus and you see someone at a networking event that catches your eye, or maybe you’re just trying to slide into those DMs… Consider using some of these crypto themed pick up lines:


  1. “Bitmex and Shill?”


  1. “Hey, You Up? (in BTC)”


  1. “Hey sexy, consider me Bitcoin… because finishing a transaction with me would take aaaaallllll night.”


  1. “I hope you like immutable ledgers, cause you’ll never get rid of me qt.”


  1. “Are you Vitalik’s nose? Cause I’d pick you for sure…”

  1. “I fell for you faster than Bitcoin in January.”


  1. “Girl, I’m a shitcoin in the streets and Bitcoin in the sheets.”


  1. “Call me Satoshi, cause you’re my truest vision.”


  1. “Hey, my name is Bitfinex, can I crash at your place tonight?”


  1. “Kiss me if I’m wrong, but BCash is the real Bitcoin right?”


  1. “I lost my private keys, can I have yours?”


  1. “Nice Bags.”


  1. “Send Nodes.”


  1. “I’d hodl you through the good times and bad”


  1. “Are you a crypto kitty? Cuz I’m feline a connection between us.”

  1. “We can take it nice and slow sexy, like the Ethereum network…”


  1. “If I had a Bitcoin for every time you came across my mind, we’d probably have to sell it for Monero and hide from the IRS.”


  1. “Baby girl I know you’re the Wan.”


  1. “I ain’t looking for no pump and dump.”


  1. “If you like it than you had better put a ring signature on it.”


  1. “Are you from Tennessee, cause you’re the only 10x I see.”


  1. “Are you Bitcoin? Cause I don’t understand how you work, but I’m bullish on you.”


23. “Girl are you Stellar? Because you’re out of this world.”


24. “May I interest you in a green candle lit dinner at my place?”


  1. “I got your hard fork right here.”

Next time you find yourself at a loss for words, trying to move from the accumulation zone to the breakout, consider using one of these lines or create your own!


Olé Crypto,

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