Crypto Phone: Details Emerge on Secure Device

The technical details have emerged about Sirin Finney, an ultra secure mobile device promising to keep your cryptocrypto Phone transactions private. The phone will feature an embedded cold storage wallet, and will be built by the same company that builds the iPhone.

Sirin Labs has now released the specifications for its ultra-secure cold storage crypto wallet-phone that is expected to hit markets later this year. The company, which raised $156.8 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) last year, was promoted by soccer superstar Leo Messi.

Foxconn International Holding will manufacture the Finny devices in its facilities, leading the original design and manufacturing of the phone, while Sirin will lead the development of the cold storage wallet hardware and the specialized operating system. The platform will be based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with 128GB storage memory, 6GB RAM and Android 8.1. It will feature a 12MPx main camera and 8MPx selfie camera and an ultra-secure fingerprint sensor.

The embedded cold storage wallet, which is said to support major cryptocurrencies as well as tokens, will be based on a tamper-resistant secure hardware element. The devs explained to CBNN this means that “the wallet is completely disconnected from the phone in terms of net, electricity and everything. The moment you’d want to make a transaction, the wallet ‘heats up’ with just enough electricity needed for a transaction and then ‘cools’ back down. The whole secure element is completely separated from the main chipset.”

Foxconn (TWSE: 2317) is the world’s biggest contract electronics manufacturer and the largest private sector employer in China. It is most widely known in the West for producing Apple’s iPhone  but it manufactures many more devices including Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s PlayStation 4, Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii U, and Microsoft’s Xbox One, to name just a few.

Zvika Landau, CEO of Sirin Labs, commented: “Our team has been working to make sure that the first blockchain smartphone is cutting edge in all tech aspects. Our collaboration with Foxconn International ensures that we will be offering state-of-the-art design with device architecture that will enable true security and user-friendly blockchain experience.”

Back in March of this year, the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei was rumored to be in talks with Sirin Labs about the device according to the company, preorders for the phone are already more than 25,000.

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