Coinbase Plugin Brings Crypto to Online Stores

In an amazing new twist, Coinbase has just released a new plugin that will bring Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) to millions of online stores. With this move, Coinbase is expected to boost the cryptocurrency adoption rate like we have never seen before.crypto

The new plugin can be found on GitHub, and it works with all of WooCommerce, which makes it available with countless stores throughout the net. WooCommerce is an open source app that is used by more than three million sites that use WordPress.

The Coinbase plugin was first announced in a blog post released by Coinbase itself and is already available for use. The blog post continues by saying that the new move will make the use of cryptocurrencies easier than ever and that they have become an official payment form in all the stores that use the WooCommerce app.

Mass Crypto Adoption Ahead

Thanks to this new move, cryptocurrency holders won’t have to take a long way around when it comes to spending their virtual coins. Now, the purchase of goods and services will be much more straightforward. Additionally, it is expected that the adoption rates for all cryptos available via Coinbase, and in extent, its new plugin, will increase dramatically.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum are currently the only coins that can be used. These particular cryptocurrencies have already been popular with many online merchants, and now, the possibility of their use has gone through the roof.

According to the press release issued by Coinbase, the WooCommerce plugin is powering over 29% of online stores currently available on the net. Now, cryptocurrency holders from anywhere in the world can purchase their goods, thus helping Coinbase with the creation of an open financial system.

However, Coinbase claims that it is still not done with the changes that it intends to bring to the cryptocurrency world. In fact, the popular exchange has stated that this is only a start of its quest, which has the goal of making crypto a new and widely accepted payment method.

This is one of the biggest moves (and breakthroughs) that the crypto world has seen in a long while. And, while currently only the four coins supported by Coinbase can be used via the Coinbase plugin, the exchange has recently stated that it is looking into multiple other altcoins. When and if the new altcoins are added to the exchange, the chances are that they might join BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC as a payment method for all these stores.

While many have tried to bring crypto to a mainstream use for a long time now, this is the first real success in this field. Soon enough, others might follow in Coinbase’s footsteps, which might mean a beginning of an entirely new era in cryptocurrency use.

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