It may surprise you to know that ransomware uses geolocation tech to now customize payloads and then target individuals.  Geolocation – for those that don’t know – obtains an approximate location of a connection by referencing a devices IP address against several databases. Those databases are maintained by Internet Service Providers as wellRead More →


Symantec’s annual cybersecurity report was launched a few days ago which takes a dive into one of the largest global intelligence networks to reveal many things on where we stand in terms of cybersecurity. Last year was a year of many new digital assets that were attacked. With every passingRead More →


New research brings the shady ecosystem of ransomware payments into focus. Ransomware attacks, which encrypt and hold a pc user’s files hostage in exchange for a payment, extort millions of dollars from individuals each and every month and now comprise the fastest-growing forms of cyber attack. In a research paperRead More →


Cybercrime is very much a psychological game and ransomware is no exception. Psychology plays a major role in nearly all aspects of ransomware from the instant an attack is launched, to the moment the victim pays—or sometimes refuses to pay—said ransom. The Psychology of Ransomware Distribution Ransomware is mainly distributed through instant messages,Read More →