Security researchers have spotted the first-ever ransomware exploiting Process Doppelgänging, a new fileless code injection technique that could assist malware evade detection. The Process Doppelgänging attack takes advantage of a built-in Windows function and an outdated implementation of Windows process loader, and works on all versions of Windows OS, including Windows version 10.Read More →


A Massachusetts school district was waiting on Friday for its computer systems to be unlocked after it paid a ten thousand dollar bitcoin ransom to hackers following a cyberattack on its system. Despite the malcious nature of the school system’s lockdown there is no criminal investigation into the matter because solvingRead More →


It may surprise you to know that ransomware uses geolocation tech to now customize payloads and then target individuals.  Geolocation – for those that don’t know – obtains an approximate location of a connection by referencing a devices IP address against several databases. Those databases are maintained by Internet Service Providers as wellRead More →