One of the many critiques about Bitcoin is the virtual currency’s troubles offering timely and cost-effective payments. Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, saw Bitcoin’s future payment issues and took steps by designing a more payments-friendly blockchain. After earning the nickname, ‘SatoshiLite’, Charlie Lee earned a job at Coinbase, theRead More →


The tokens created with cryptocurrencies are fascinating things. We should not really call them currencies because they do much more than exchange value. They aren’t quite commodities either, since they aren’t necessarily consumable or interchangeable. Neither are they properties or equities, since they don’t generate ongoing investment cash flow. Rather,Read More →


Celebs are getting behind the innovative new app “Docademic,” a telemedicine app funded by Cryptocurrency. Docademic is a company founded in Mexico by former Med Students who created a method of offering Free Basic Medical Health Services to the public. Some of the celebrities that have backed the app includeRead More →