Three days ago Microsoft encountered a fast spreading crypto-mining malware that infected almost 500,000 PC’s in only twelve hours and then successfully blocked it. Named Dofoil – aka Smoke Loader – this malware was found dropping a cryptocurrency mining program as payload on infected Windows PC’s that then mines Electroneum coins –Read More →


Governments in Syria and Turkey have been caught red handed hijacking local internet users’ connections to surreptitiously inject surveillance malware, all while the same interception technology has been discovered also secretly injecting browser-based cryptocurrency mining scripts into users’ web traffic in countries like Egypt. Governments and internet service providers (ISP’s)Read More →

Crypto Crime

The number of domains with cryptocurrency mining scripts installed on them has skyrocketed over 700 percent in three months, according to a recent security firm’s research. Approximately 2.8 million users were attacked by malicious crypto miners in 2017, with the most successful of cybercriminals earning literally millions of dollars. CyrenRead More →


To maximize their profits hackers are leveraging the computer power of as many devices as they possibly can. However, they must find ways to deliver the malicious crypto-miners on a large enough scale for it to be profitable. While the infamous Wannacry ransomware was publicized for taking advantage of theRead More →