A technical support site, Bleeping Computer is sending a big message to users to double-check cryptocurrency wallet addresses before sending transactions due to a serious issue with a particular piece of malware. The malware is able to redirect transactions and its creators are said to now be monitoring over twoRead More →


An experimental form of Android malware, which was first considered to be an updated version of Lokibot, is known to convey a banking Trojan, a keylogger and ransomware to those most likely to succumb to it. It is said to contain a couple of new features that have the specialistsRead More →

reverse engineering

This is a tutorial on how to reverse engineer shellcode in malware with Radare2. Spoilers! MalwareTech published a small challenge on his Twitter for reverse engineering embedded shellcode inside of the malware. I thought this was a great opportunity to write a small tutorial on how to do this withRead More →