On July 12, a distraught crypto holder posted to Reddit that not only had they kept an especially large amount of money in their MetaMask wallet — some $240,000 — but that they had been phished and given access to a scammer, who was draining their funds. The Redditor invited other usersRead More →


The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released an alert that warns private industry in the country about incidents of harassment of victims made by ransomware gangs, such as the well-known Doppelpaymer group. FBI Is Aware of Cold-Calling Tactics by Ransomware Gangs: According to a PIN (private industry notification)Read More →


Hackers are using cryptojacking malware as a cover for more serious attacks, according to a report published by security researchers at Microsoft. In a paper published by the tech company’s intelligence team, malicious actors are fronting attacks with cryptojacking scripts to present a decoy from more significant attacks, namely credential theft. TheRead More →