Hackers hijacked Tesla’s cloud system to mine cryptocurrency as a recent report shows. This event marks yet another case of what is dubbed in the virtual currency realm “cryptojacking.” What Exactly Is ‘Cryptojacking’? Cryptojacking is a process where hackers deploy software that exploits a computer’s CPU to mine cryptocurrency. ThisRead More →


BitCoin Mining Malware is going geopolitical: Security researchers have recently discovered a newly-built and custom piece of malware that’s creating havoc across Asia for the past several months and is also capable of performing nefarious tasks, such as password theft, bitcoin mining, and even providing hackers with complete remote accessRead More →

man in the middle attack

  Ledger, a company that offers cryptocurrency wallets, acknowledged on Feb 3rd that all of its hardware wallets are affected by a vulnerability which could allow a malicious third party to provide clients with false receive addresses so that crypto-currencies intended to be received by the customer would end upRead More →