Blockchain cryptography is at the very heart of what keeps cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets safe from hackers and other cyber-attacks. Public key encryption provides each user with a public and private key, which are extremely difficult to guess through brute-force attacks, at least using today’s computing resources. However, developmentsRead More →


Cryptography is the art of protecting and breaking secrets. Bitcoin employs a special type of cryptography, called public-key cryptography, in order to facilitate its system of storing and transferring of value. It is through this very mechanism that Janet can keep her bitcoins secure or send some of them to Bob,Read More →


“Cypherlock is different because it does not attempt to hide that you are hiding something, but preventing recovery of the data that only relies on the user’s inaction. At that point then the user can SHOW that he doesn’t have the means to access anymore, rendering the data unreachable by the attacker — atRead More →