A joint operation between global law enforcement agencies and Europol has ended a criminal ring that used cryptocurrencies including bitcoin to launder drug money through a Finnish cryptocurrency exchange. The operation, dubbed Tulipan Blanca, saw authorities from Spain, Finland, the U.S.A and Europol arrest eleven individuals related to an organizedRead More →


The cryptocurrency exchange is reportedly in talks with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission about becoming a regulated brokerage firm as well as trading platform. According to The Wall Street Journal, Coinbase reached out to regulators about the getting licensed even as the Securities and Exchange Commission moves closer to writingRead More →


Cryptocurrency mining will always remain a curious industry. Many people make good money from it, even though there’s also now a degree of centralization involved. The hunt for cheap electricity is far from over in this industry, however. It now seems Sweden and Norway are entering the show. Both countriesRead More →


The Brazilian education system is taking steps to prepare its students for the upcoming cryptocurrency era. Fundação Getúlio Vargas , an education institution in São Paulo announced the first Master’s degree in Cryptofinance. The course in Brazil follows top universities in the U.S. including Cornell, Duke, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Read More →