Litecoin (LTC), one of the most important crypto currencies in the market, is now compatible with the Blocknet Protocol. This is very good news for the crypto environment because that means that the process of converting one crypto to other will become easier. Litecoin is a greatly used virtual currency.Read More →


One of the many critiques about Bitcoin is the virtual currency’s troubles offering timely and cost-effective payments. Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, saw Bitcoin’s future payment issues and took steps by designing a more payments-friendly blockchain. After earning the nickname, ‘SatoshiLite’, Charlie Lee earned a job at Coinbase, theRead More →


U.S authorities have filed criminal charges against a Chicago man, accusing him of stealing Bitcoin and Litecoin from his employer, which he then later used for personal cryptocurrency trading. The man in question is named Joseph Kim, who is 24 years of age, and out of Chicago —he worked asRead More →