A vulnerability has emerged that allows hackers to download malware to a victim’s computer from a Google Drive URL. Proofpoint discovered the vulnerability and created a proof-of-concept exploit for the specific issue. The dev platform is based on JavaScript and allows the creation of both stand alone web apps as well asRead More →

malware cryptomining

As cryptocurrency has risen dramatically in popularity and value in recent years many shady actors have also looked to tap into the exploding market through browser-based cryptominers and cryptojacking famous websites. Security researchers have discovered a software that mines cryptocurrency and then routes any mined coins to a university inRead More →

bank of england

Bank of England Reverses Its Course There have been rumors regarding the Bank of England issuing its own cryptocurrency at some point in the future. In theory, it makes a lot of sense for central banks to issue their own virtual currencies, especially now that society is moving toward digital-first payments. However, it seemsRead More →