Cryptocurrency developer Unwriter is making good on his promise “to build everything on top of Bitcoin”—Bitcoin SV (BSV) to be specific. On January 3rd, the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block, Unwriter announced on Twitter the launch of Datapay, the “simplest” JavaScript library for building and broadcasting data transactionsRead More →


In the last few years, many people have realized that Bitcoin is not anonymous, and some of them have realized it with dire consequences. The Bitcoin blockchain while remarkable and revolutionary, is at it’s core an immutable public ledger. This means that every single transaction is unchangeably recorded and verifiable byRead More →


Overstock is set to become the first national brand in America to pay their taxes in bitcoin, according to a press release issued by the firm. The online retailer announced on Thursday that it will “pay a portion of its Ohio state business taxes in bitcoin” using the state’s recently announced crypto-tax paymentRead More →


Cryptography is the art of protecting and breaking secrets. Bitcoin employs a special type of cryptography, called public-key cryptography, in order to facilitate its system of storing and transferring of value. It is through this very mechanism that Janet can keep her bitcoins secure or send some of them to Bob,Read More →