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BitCoin & The Brothel: Bunny Ranch Hops To it

The well known Las Vegas brothel the Bunny Ranch is hoping to take advantage of the crypto-craze.

Bitcoin Meets Brothels at Nevada’s Bunny Ranch

The Bunny Ranch reported it: “is the latest retailer to get on board the Bitcoin bandwagon,” due to growing interest in virtual forms of money. No doubt the discretion factor plays a role in this decision.

For the time being, they will likely process the bitcoin transactions like a credit card payment and after that pay the female escorts a standard sum in U.S dollars.

The escorts themselves, however, would not take any cryptocurrency for their work. This implies they won’t gain any of the benefits of bitcoin payments, such as avoiding discrimination/stigma from financial institutions.

The Legends Room, for example, have also taken note…officially offering escorts the decision to be paid in dollars or cryptocurrency.

The club is likewise inquisitive about other blockchain systems, for example, Ethereum and Ripple’s XRP.

“We’re a very high profile business worldwide. So we can’t mess this up,” Hof, the manager, said. “The girls are excited.”

Bitcoin risked a great deal when it was the currency of the dark web for payments. The obfusication, the international exchanges, the sheer speed and efficiency of everything made it ideal for illegal purchases.

The aspects that made it a lauded accomplishment in a hidden world remain however.

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