Verge, a ”privacy coin” has fallen victim to a 51% attack. A malevolent cryptominer gained majority control of the network hashrate, a feat that makes it possible for the controlling entity to modify transactions, calling the integrity of the *entire blockchain* into question. Around a quarter million verge (xvg) wereRead More →


Japanese online crypto broker Monex Group stated it will buy troubled cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck for ¥3.6bn ($33.6m) as part of a move to develop its expertise in virtual currencies and the tech behind them. “We recognize blockchain tech as well as cryptocurrencies as next-generation tech and the platforms which areRead More →


The overall perception about Apple devices is that they are protected from malware attack(s) – which isn’t true considering a recent surge in attacks targeting iPhones & macOS. To prove that the IT security researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a new malware which they believe is associated with OceanLotus akaRead More →