Amazon Launches Ethereum Blockchain Templates

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has now introduced blockchain templates for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, providing a fast way to create and distribute secure blockchain networks with openamazon source frameworks, the co announced on its website.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to build applications where multiple parties can record transactions without the need for a central authority to ensure transactions are secure. The transactions are also immutable and independently verifiable.

The Amazon Web Services templates allow users to deliver Ethereum and Hyperledger frameworks with certified Amazon Web Services CloudFormation templates. Users can focus on building blockchain applications rather than spending time and energy on manual setup of their blockchain network.

Both the Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric offer distributed consensus algorithms, smart contract functionality and access control features as well.

How It All Works:

The Amazon Web Services templates deliver the blockchain framework the user chooses as containers on an Amazon Elastic Container Service cluster or directly on an EC2 instance running Docker.

The user creates the blockchain network in their own Amazon VPC, allowing them to use their network Access Control Lists as well as VPC subnets. They can assign granular permissions using Amazon Web Services IAM to restrict which resources an Amazon EC2 instance or Amazon ECS cluster can access.

Users can visit the getting started page to begin using AWS Blockchain Templates. There is no further charge for using the templates. The user just pays for the Amazon Web Services resources they need to run the blockchain network.

Amazon Web Services has partnered with financial institutions and blockchain companies to boost innovation. In 2016, Amazon Web Services announced a partnership with Digital Currency Group on a platform that to allow companies to experiment with blockchain technology

Additional information about Amazon Web Services Templates is available on the AWS Blog, AWS Blockchain Templates website, and Amazon Web Services Blockchain Templates doc.

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