CryptographyBuzz News Network (CBNN) is now the leading social media and information services company for cryptocurrency, infosecurity, and blockchain technology.

Our goal is to inform, educate as well as connect the global community as a reliable news provider with trusted sources, and verified content.

Founded in June 2016, CryptographyBuzz News Network reaches over a million unique visitors who come back four million times a month on average.

Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, CryptographyBuzz has over 300,000 followers with some fifteen thousand people subscribed to its weekly email newsletters.

CryptographyBuzz hosts its annual Buzz Summit, the largest infosec technology gathering in the world in Los Angeles every year.  We are one of the few news organizations that wish to stay true to the original cryptocurrency vision; that of safe, encrypted, transactions on a blockchain. This is why we cover the state of encryption from currencies, to servers, to cyber security as a whole.

Our Editorial Policy:

CryptographyBuzz currently employs a select group of independent journalists dedicated to covering the infosec, cryptocurrency, and blockchain ecosystems.

Key Journalistic Principles: 

We at CryptographyBuzz strive primarily for accuracy and objectivity in our reporting, we will try to avoid personal or professional bias at all costs..

All editorial team members are required to disclose any investment and/or outside activities that may be associated with cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology as a whole.

CryptographyBuzz News Network believes strongly in the principle of incorruptible courage: We don’t accept payment in return for publishing news articles or for product reviews. Nor do we pay for “tips” or particular access to news sources.

We do not take positions on the intrinsic value of any given cryptocurrency, though our freelance contributors may express their own views on these matters.

CryptographyBuzz employees are not restricted from investing in cryptocurrencies or owning them outright.

This being said, CryptographyBuzz has strict disclosure guidelines that all content contributors must yield to when reporting on cryptocurrencies or ERC20 tokens in which they may be invested.

These aforementioned guidelines are occasionally reviewed and updated, however.

For a complete listing of our editors and authors please click here.

The Motto

We will often sign our pieces with our slogan/motto Olé Crypto for those of you wondering why we do this… Well, because we can.


  1. An expression of encouragement and approval.

If “Hold” can be turned into Hodl, then why not. For a deeper understanding:

One of the proposed etymologies is that it derives from the Greek term “ololizin” . It has also been suggested that it comes from an Arabic invocation of Allah, or the oath والله‎ (w-állahby Allah!).

Our Revenue Model 

CryptographyBuzz earns money through research, events, and paid advertising.

We do not trade or invest whatsoever in cryptocurrency markets or “coins”. CryptographyBuzz management does not hold (or hodl) or own any positions whatsoever in any cryptocurrencies, nor are we active in any of the various cryptocurrency markets.

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