12 Crypto Articles: Headlines You May Have Missed

For those of you with busy schedules, we get it. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the latest news. Particularly in the crypto sphere.

As a 24/7 trading and news ecosystem it can be tricky. Lucky for you we take the hard work out of the equation, compiling and curating the most relevant and important headlines we find.

Here below are the twelve from the past week that caught our eye:

1) Verge Forced to Fork After 51% Attack:

2) Update: Attacks with DNS Rebinding: crypto broker

3) Hash-based Signatures: A Primer For All:

4) Monero Hard Forked: Four New Projects Resulted:

5) Brazil Has First Master’s Degree on Cryptocurrencies:

6) Cryptocurrency Miners Move to Scandinavia:

7) SEC Now In Preliminary Talks With Coinbase:

8) Cryptocurrency Drug Money Laundering Ring Busted:

9) Japanese Company To Launch Bitcoin Payroll:

10) Bitcoin Apparently Compliant With Shariah Law:

11) Five Takeaways From Symantec’s Cybersecurity Report:

12) The Complete Guide to Proof of Stake:


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