The social media behemoth has jumped on the blockchain wagon. According to an article published by the New York Times on Feb. 28, Mark Zuckerberg’s internet empire is working on its very own cryptocurrency, which plans to integrate with WhatsApp, Messenger and also Instagram  –  three of their most popular apps withRead More →


Tether, the leading stablecoin, has announced that it will soon be available on the TRON blockchain. Tether revealed the news on Monday morning, and TRON confirmed the announcement only minutes later. What will happen next is not entirely clear: the official statement suggests an imminent release, while other sources are suggesting aRead More →


Yosemite X, a blockchain technology company, has announced the release of its open source public blockchain that operates without a native cryptocurrency, giving developers and businesses the ability to build solutions and reduce costs, without the price volatility of crypto. This approach enables companies to reap the benefits of blockchain –Read More →


The Singapore cryptocurrency exchange Switcheo has announced over the holiday period that it now supports the Alchemist launched SDUSD stablecoin. The Dollar-pegged coin was created to hold the value of $1.00 and is locked to NEO. Switcheo Exchange made the announcement that the NEO/SDUSD pairing will be available on theRead More →